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Xinxing Pipes International Development CO.,LTD Held Spring Festival Mass Greeting Meeting


As the new Chinese Lunar Year was coming, Xinxing Pipes International Development Company held a spring festival mass greeting meeting to celebrate the coming new year. Company managers and staff got together, holding various activities to review the past and sharing their hopes for the new year. Executives of Xinxing Cathy International Group also joined the greeting meeting.  




Executives of Xinxing Cathy, together with staff of Xinxing Pipes International

In the year 2012, under the leadership of Xinxing Cathy International Group, Xinxing Pipes International Development Co.,Ltd made great progress with growing revenue and broadening international market. Executives from Xinxing Group as well as the company expressed their best wishes to the staff and encouraged all the members to make joint efforts and to attain higher goals in the coming new year.
 Staff holding the new lunar year couplets “ treasury land gathers wealth, safty and soundness win prosperity ”,
expressing their best new year wishes


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